eco-bot is being demonstrated in three European pilots: the power utility of Catalonia in Spain (Estabanell Business to Consumer use case), a leading SaaS Building Energy Management System with ESCO/building managers in Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom (DEXMA Business to Business use case) and an Energy Management System for private households in Germany (SEnerCon Business to Business to Consumer use case). Please see them described in more detail below:

B2C PILOT : Electric Power Utility in Spain


Estabanell is an electric utility based in Catalonia, Spain. As part of the project eco-bot will be offered to residential clients of Estabanell.

What does eco-bot offer for residential clients of the utility? For utility clients eco-bot offers several advantages:

• Consumption, cost, and impact: inform about consumption between any two days, its cost, and its environmental impact.
• Appliances: inform about the consumption of the main appliances at home so clients have a better indication of where a big part of their consumption is going
• Procedures: give information on procedures that can be made with the company and how, without the person having to call or come to the office to inquire
• Recommendations: send recommendations to clients on how they can become more efficient
• Notifications: allow clients to receive customizable notifications about their consumption (for example when it has been especially high)

What does eco-bot offer for the utility?

• Eco-bot can give information often asked to the customer service office, gives it instantly, and is available to 24/7
• Eco-bot offers information and functionalities to clients not traditionally offered by utilities, empowering them, and improving their experience with the company.
• Eco-bot allows the utility to use consumption data and turn it into useful easy insights for clients
• Eco-bot allows both the utility and its customers to be more “eco” as customers are accompanied by eco-bot helping them become more energy efficient

Details about the pilot:

• The pilot is taking place in Granollers and surrounding towns, in the region of Valles Oriental next to Barcelona
• Eco-bot is offered in Spanish
• For a part of the participants eco-bot also uses more granular consumption data coming from an additionally installed meter, this allows eco-bot to give more precise appliance consumption data

B2B PILOT: Building Energy Management System (BEMS) users in Europe

DEXMA is a leading building energy management system provider, offering an international SaaS platform focused on energy efficiency which is monitoring more than 24,000 buildings, distributed through a network of 275 partners serving 2,500 customers in 45 countries. Partners are mainly energy services companies (ESCOs), utilities and integrators that manage tertiary buildings like corporate buildings, hotels, retail sector, public administration buildings (hospital, city halls, public schools, cultural centers, universities, etc) and industries.

The demo case in DEXMA’s Energy Management System, DEXMA Analyse, is a B2B (business to business) use case – this means that Energy Management System (EMS) users, like facility managers, will use the chatbot in order to increase and/or improve the functionalities of the EMS. The Eco-Bot chatbot offers a variety of functionalities for facility managers and/or owners and energy managers such as a recommendation engine that displays the best available recommendation in order to increase the energy savings in the locations managed by the user,  league tables to see the 10 best or worst performing locations in the user’s portfolio or set up consumption, cost or carbon emission goals, among other functionalities. The chatbot will allow users to save up a lot of time on energy management, as global KPIs can be displayed by the chatbot in seconds.

Details about the pilot:

•  3 Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) from 3 European countries (Italy, Spain and the UK) participate in the B2B pilot phase. Energy managers in these companies are participating as Eco-Bot end users.
•  Properties from 3 different economic sectors are monitored in this phase: restaurants, supermarkets and hotels. Historical main and submetering electrical consumption data is available.
•  Eco-Bot is offered in English and Spanish

B2B2C PILOT: Residential users of an online energy monitoring platform in Germany


SEnerCon is an SME based in Berlin operating an online energy monitoring platform called interactive Energy Savings Account (iESA) which is applied in climate protection campaigns run by the non-profit company co2online in Germany. The iESA helps consumers get an overview on their energy consumption for electricity, space heating and mobility and to monitor their water consumption.

Eco-Bot has been integrated into the Energy Savings Account as a chatbox and offers the following advantaged to households:
•  Immediate feedback when users are asking about their energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions (also related to car kilometer and trees needed to absorb the emissions) of any time period entered
• Impact of energy saving activities implemented by the user (comparison of energy consumption and cost)
• Information on the cost-benefit of new appliances compared to their old ones
• Information on the energy consumption of their main household appliances
• Personalized energy saving tips
• Notification on high consumption and monitoring of personal energy saving goals

Advantages for co2online and SEnerCon:
• New direct communication channel with users in addition to iESA charts and tables
• Energy saving advice beyond sole energy monitoring features by iESA
• Energy saving events entered by users through Eco-Bot for anonymized research studies on the effect of energy saving measures
• Test and apply new innovative technology that is a step ahead of the market

Details about the pilot:
• Eco-bot is offered to iESA users all over Germany
• Language: German
• The majority of pilot participants have normal electricity meters installed in their homes – some households are testing Eco-Bot in combination with smart meter of a 10s resolution of the company Discovergy which allows Eco-Bot to give more precise appliance consumption data.