eco-bot runs on three pan-European pilots: the power utility of Catalonia (Estabanell Business 2 Consumer use case), a leading SaaS Building Energy Management System with two ESCO/building managers in Spain and the United Kingdom (DexmaTech Business to Business use case) and an Energy Management System for private households in Germany (SEnerCon Business 2 Business 2 Consumer use case). Please see them described in more detail below:

PILOT No. 1: Electric Power Utility in Catalonia, Spain


The Estabanell electric power utility (business to consumer) use case will demonstrate how delivering personalized information on appliance-level usage and relevant efficiency tips can affect the behavior of utility customers. In this use case, we will show how the more “personal” nature of chat-bot technology leads to more engagement and also how appliance-level consumption information leads to better efficiency.

PILOT No. 2: Building Energy Management System users in Europe

DEXMA is a leading building energy management system provider, offering an international SaaS platform focused on energy efficiency with over 1000 active customers (building managers / energy managers). In this (business to business) use case we will demonstrate how chat-bot technology can better engage business users such as property managers.

PILOT No. 3: Residential users with smart meters in Germany


SEnerCon in collaboration with co2-online (business to business to consumer use case) reaches residential energy consumers directly via its energy monitoring / energy savings account, which is available in 10 countries. We will deploy the eco-bot making use of already available energy and demographic data.