How eco-bot can be personalized for your special needs:

Utilities & ESCOs CTOs

Leverage state-of-the-art non-intrusive load monitoring and behavioural modelling with a natural dialogue chatbot to become the most innovative and user-friendly energy company.

Eco-Bot allows you to:

• Upgrade your service to offer a sophisticated load monitoring solution. Eco-Bot’s NILM algorithms calculate the energy consumption of individual electrical appliances and combines them with Eco-Bot’s advanced behavioural model, producing automated and individualised energy saving recommendations.

• Securely scale up to your needs. Eco-Bot’s distributed system architecture is designed to scale on demand, allowing for stable network growth as well as easy third-party integration.

• Personalize your service without worrying about data security. Eco-Bot innovative data exchange protocol allows the bot to guarantee compliance to data protection regulations.

Software Vendors CTOs

Integrate Eco-Bot’s powerful monitoring and communication components to your own software solution to become the most innovative energy software company on the market.

Eco-Bot allows you to:

• Take what you need. Eco-Bot’s distributed system architecture is designed to let its individual components work independently from each other. Whether you need state-of-the-art non-intrusive load monitoring, advanced energy consumption behavioural modelling, a natural language chatbot, or all of these: Eco-Bot’s components can be mixed and matched to supply exactly what your software solution needs.

• Scale up automated customization. The combination of Eco-Bot’s components produces automated and individualised energy savings recommendations. The system’s architecture is geared to achieve quick and stable network growth.

• Turn data security into one of your strengths. Eco-Bot’s innovative data exchange protocol can be easily integrated and adapted to your solutions to guarantee compliance to data protection regulations.