Power Utility in Spain

Estabanell is an electric utility based in Catalonia, Spain. As part of the project, eco-bot will be offered to residential clients of Estabanell.

What does eco-bot offer for residential clients of the utility? For utility clients eco-bot offers several advantages:

• Consumption, cost, and impact: inform about consumption between any two days, its cost, and its environmental impact.
• Appliances: inform about the consumption of the main appliances at home so clients have a better indication of where a big part of their consumption is going
• Procedures: give information on procedures that can be made with the company and how, without the person having to call or come to the office to inquire
• Recommendations: send recommendations to clients on how they can become more efficient
• Notifications: allow clients to receive customizable notifications about their consumption (for example when it has been especially high)

What does eco-bot offer for the utility?

• Eco-bot can give information often asked to the customer service office, gives it instantly, and is available to 24/7
• Eco-bot offers information and functionalities to clients not traditionally offered by utilities, empowering them, and improving their experience with the company.
• Eco-bot allows the utility to use consumption data and turn it into useful easy insights for clients
• Eco-bot allows both the utility and its customers to be more “eco” as customers are accompanied by eco-bot helping them become more energy efficient

Details about the pilot:

• The pilot is taking place in Granollers and surrounding towns, in the region of Valles Oriental next to Barcelona
• Eco-bot is offered in Spanish
• For a part of the participants eco-bot also uses more granular consumption data coming from an additionally installed meter, this allows eco-bot to give more precise appliance consumption data