Residential energy monitoring platform in Germany

SEnerCon is an SME based in Berlin operating an online energy monitoring platform called interactive Energy Savings Account (iESA) which is applied in climate protection campaigns run by the non-profit company co2online in Germany. The iESA helps consumers get an overview on their energy consumption for electricity, space heating and mobility and to monitor their water consumption.

Eco-Bot has been integrated into the Energy Savings Account as a chatbox and offers the following advantages to households:
•  Immediate feedback when users are asking about their energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions (also related to car kilometers and trees needed to absorb the emissions) of any time period entered
• Impact of energy-saving activities implemented by the user (comparison of energy consumption and cost)
• Information on the cost-benefit of new appliances compared to their old ones
• Information on the energy consumption of their main household appliances
• Personalized energy saving tips
• Notification on high consumption and monitoring of personal energy saving goals

Advantages for co2online and SEnerCon:
• New direct communication channel with users in addition to iESA charts and tables
• Energy saving advice beyond sole energy monitoring features by iESA
• Energy-saving events entered by users through Eco-Bot for anonymized research studies on the effect of energy-saving measures
• Test and apply new innovative technology that is a step ahead of the market

Details about the pilot:
• Eco-bot is offered to iESA users all over Germany
• Language: German
• The majority of pilot participants have normal electricity meters installed in their homes – some households are testing Eco-Bot in combination with smart meters of a 10s resolution of the company Discovergy which allows Eco-Bot to give more precise appliance consumption data.